Now til Then

by Jus Time

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This album is a reverse chronological compilation of solo songs I've made since 1999 when I first picked up a microphone in Haimez's basement. I've always tried to focus on my groups; The Treez and The 12 to 6 Movement, so I never put much focus on a solo career. But after 15 years as an Emcee I ended up with a lil stack of songs I'm really proud of. so I felt compelled to put them all together and set them free in the Universe. If you wanna know who I am and what I care about, listen to this project...


released September 25, 2014



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Jus Time

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Track Name: Shepherd's Pie (produced by LooseScrewz)
I'm from the lost land activate apocalypse attacking false flag
put on full blast tattered at half staff opponents fall flat
i puttem at Bay makem go hyphy ghost ride they whips flashin high beams
wouldnt make my wake but wanna ski behind me
claims gets snoped out Lincoln lawyer pass bars
Navigatin snow routes with a clean nose and no doubt (no doubt)
plaques get scoped out I brushed up my aim
adjust a few clicks for the altitude and rain
2 kills per shot for these eagles n parrots
Birds get stoned like he chiefin with Parrish
kicks is black Converse pardon my blaccent
weapon of choice still aborted the classics
and reincarnation still half fill my glasses
no riddle why villians consider that empty
karma have you comin back as rats amongst kittys
i come back like shark teeth shit'll get chippy
government chum it up butt buddy system
the buttons they depressed and aint none of em victims
half angel of death nephilim steppin children call it nepetism
swarming with WASPs yo check the nest they're building
auctioned us off and now we doing their bidding
Track Name: Reinvent the Wheel (produced by HeavySet)
I dedicate this letter to the deer.. headlights
Broken bones and words nope that dont really set right
I'm tryin to be someone that im proud of in my next life
Not something only white people get like head lice

Get ya head right pass it out to everyone steady buzz
Measure words by megatons yes I have a heavy tongue /
Pikes Peak rhymes schemes train with elevated lungs
Sweaty runs pullin old tires till im dead and done

Ya deaf and dumb can't tell me none
Rusty need a shot got lockjaw
Pop out if u pop off smile and nod until you nod off
Moving slow like Eric Montross

Nope u dont get it shit rolls downhill i aint rollin with it
Too dialed up callin out ya phony witness
Coerced by the Show Me business
I traded in my golden ticket just to do a show and rip it

Hook x 2
Preachin to the Choir ain't no need to kneel
Sing it out loud say exactly how u feel
Til ya voice is raw and gritty keep it reel to reel
Take it full circle time to reinvent the wheel

You know i love my country been thinkin bout its problems
Feelin like our leaders need expansion of their conscious
So I’m at the Iowa caucus flask of ayahuasca
in my pocket any plans yes I'm gonna stop it

Viscous victim of this circle jerkimstance
Stood my ground like Iraqis got purple hands
I will get the job done dead or alive
Have ya feelin like a senior when the Fab Five arrived

Strechin out ya spine from ya time on the pine
I'm under ya skin thats when the splinter cell divide
Yes a white dude not a knight down to ride
If ya’ll KKK then I’ll strike out ya side

Spillin guts and glory justice can be gory
Pick any branch and I’m switchin up ya story
Wax on wax off change the whole details
System full of lizards sell ya out for Re-tail

Track Name: Trade Craft (produced by Gravy)

I'm shooting from the hip hoppin over the fence
Where the grass a little greener I was needin a spliff
You ain't ready for the fire probably burn in the flames
Tryin to do a backflip never worried with aim
They shootin with flare nobody came
Chicken gang lame plain da-da-da-dipped in the wings
We winnin the game from the minute it started
Couldn't interrupt my sentence with a governors pardon
They gassin ya lines I'm chokin ya flow
Full of hot air that's when I'm poking a hole
Bout to leave'em on the road so bloody and cold
You know I got my own commandments they written in stone
Life can be hard never take it for granite
Never dumb it down kept it smarter than Alec
I ain't fuckin w coke never catch me red handed
Or crossing over pop like a Pepsi challenge


Don't know why they do or say that
Logic is strange and they betray facts
Lead us astray they stay trapped
But if u in the know u know its tradecraft

Verse 2
They over did it tryin to out do
Boxin bullets here is round two
You in the sound booth with no soundproof
Jury is out so y'all scurry about and found true
Im Poking fun with a Smoking gun hard evidence
No doubt Set and start presedence Par excellence
Scars and messages established our residence
This city gave me gifts I gotta re-present
To yall thats re giftin you Trading in scalps and you Indian given
Thats off of the top eatin up ya weak writtens
shittin on ya home in the teepee business
Even meek kittens tiger uppercut ya team viscous
so keep wishin that bleak mission
see the kids and their Heroes are the movie villains
Guess the Messages kinda Cryptic like Tookie Williams

Track Name: The Predator (produced by Jus Time)
A real man in the real world tryin to make it
stay true use a tag when I'm signin my papers
just workin in the workplace flirtin with this girl
shoulda been hittin it since the first day
need it in the worst way
balls bluer than a Smurf's face
out at her place chillin just buildin with shrooms
buildin the mood sippin some booze
all the tension we was feelin
split the building in two
"Who you kiddin dude everybody wanna get it too!" - Krush
It's a race like Indy at the Temple of Doom
and I'm goin for the checkered flag
yes I have a checkered past
but I could never play you like a chess piece just cuz I'm board
Ya way to sexy and plus I know ya story
all except for the end and I believe in destiny
Oh, you have a boy friend

The Hunter the Predator I got you in my Sights
I like what I see and I know what I like
Gotta make the right move I think I know ya type
Hidin all day then you coming out at night
The Hunter the Predator always find a way
gotta stop clockin couldnt get the Time of day
but when the moons out its a different kinda of game
show ya teeth when ya see thats my kinda of prey

You was stressin off a pink slip headed to the Pink Slip
schemin on some head from a lil freak bitch
It could never happen but shes happy ya tried
double up ya wak check on a Saturday night
doin privates taking all ya public tender
everybody fuckin with her
but she bring her husband with her to the club
not a fool he just simply love a stripper
and its hard to sleep knowing people sayin shes hoein
and to tell the truth lately he been thinkin the same
but she always send em drinks, keepin him faded
but he sees she making money so its keepin em sane
she gotta pay the rent, he stays at home and babysits
takin care of kids that aint even his and
she be comin home just wasted as shit
been workin D all day aint tryin to play with his

Hook B
The Hunter the Predator she got you in her Sights
she like what she see and she know what she like
Gotta make the right move she think she know ya type
Hidin all day then she coming out at night
The Hunter the Predator always find a way
gotta stop clockin couldnt get the Time of day
but when the moons out its a different kinda of game
she show her teeth when she see ya thats a different kinda of prey

Im just tryin to be who I know I gotta be
a Libra lookin for a lil truth and equality
might take a look at ya Freewill Astrology
but only take advice when my friends or momma speak
I was actin bad had to leave the college scene
tired of lean pockets only eatem cuz my pockets lean
had to get a job not livin off a pots and beans
playin 9 2 5 when i do the lottery

Im lookin for my treasure Missouri Jones searchin
nice whip and a hat just to cover my curses
dont pull out my heart I never said I was perfect
I guess it a filter for those who are worth it
when all thats left over is ya bestfriends girlfriends
ya soul is tortured stretched by four horses
runnin full force with a covered carriage
im fightin despair would never covet ya marriage
theres a change in the air it like becoming apParent
to any one who ever really tried to under stand it
Im workin on my Karma like a car mechanic
callin old broads, yeah I'm sorry I vanished
if it makes ya feel better got it back times ten
and in the end i'll justify all the mean shit I did
so uh how bout me and you try again? (click)

Hook A
Track Name: Power Moves (produced by Jus Time)
Power Moves

Its Time to wake up the new day has begun
Its physically changing from the rays of the sun
I pray we all make it through the reign of the drugs
Man I had to say something
Fuck job hunting that’s a waste of my Time
Went the way of the Bison on the 8 to the 5
A changing of the guard
With backup plans of taking over from the start
Befriend em with innocent and changing their heart
I brought the Fire Stick and they all on my Arms
Bringing gifts to ya village women digging the charms
Just because its different
we all sons of bitches once we get a lil Settled in
Yea I brought the sickness but forgot ya medicine
Sharing Firewater and a pipe with my bretheren
Money is the object objections irrelevant
Orders from the president so now its on for Real


You could’ve just left well enough alone
Man they’ll never believe you but if you tell a soul
Going out like a Hermit dumpin shells for ya home
You knew that I was scheming cuz we smelling our own
Lets keep it my little secret
and kill you with the kindness they taking for a weakness
appearances deceiving
but you know it aint magic when the man is at your cabin
accidents can happen when ya foundation crackin
I’ve been planning with passion
And filling my head with machiavellian captions
The statements on record you could never retract em
Keep it cloak and dagger
Jacob get the drop like the Beasties on a broken Ladder
Focused on my goal to capture
The essence of the shadow forecasted by the light of Sun Zi
Touch is raw in a brush with the law
Body paint the town red the Art of War


We building pyramids the poor keep slaving
Keep moving bricks keep em free basing
We the free masons you need an Ivy League educaton
To climb up the walls that we making
Trust.. we having fun we trust fun babies
And everyone hates me
But when Im in the Senate I aint given a fuck
I never really had intentions of getting nothing done
Pork barrel and Philibust so pigs get bigger guns
and we get the kids that’s hittin blunts
skimming on ya budgets Plus I got Plans
beyond the comprehension what u thinkin what is far
white flight and light speed shooting for the stars
stopping off at Moon and Mars
tired of wars over God and living large
a whole race takin blame for prison guards
man this shit is absurd and isn’t deserved ask Nicholas Berg
Track Name: Max Out (produced by Koko)
Max Out

I can carry my Weight when its Time to Max Out
Speaking in volume not the Time to act loud
In a dicey situation not the Time to crap out
We soiled the game and left you ass out
I can carry my Weight when its Time to Max Out
Speaking in Volume not the type to act Loud
In a dicey situation not the type to crap out
We soiled the game and left you ass out

I’m from the Treez spit a seed and hand feed ya the Bird
All my words dirty germinating ya Earth
I’m Melting Pot with my people we creating a stir
I’m taking my turn and all the cash that was earned
Before I burn it into ashes keep it stashed in an urn
Thats how the cremated through the shady situations
Weighted with some armor gotta scar by my eye
Showin chinks when I’m high gotta need to be hired
My flow is grace under fire I always reapply to the fullest
A bullet for the Bully at the Pulpit I’m accustomed to war
And feeding off this Bullshit like Mushroom Spores
Rebel for my cause
You could bring it if you want it gotta bullet for the charts and we just started gunnin
Never stall while you fall and plummet down the plumbing
Couldn’t go Number One with the faucet running
This is Justin


What I learned in this biz you gotta fight for what you get
Stomach rumbles money hungry double cuz I Mint
Everything I said or ever put in print
I needed rap for keeping track of Time that I spent
When I was having trouble just struggling for rent
Singin low on car Notes hoes got me pissed
Damn I’ll think its funny when they love me when I’m rich
All these cunning lil tricks scouting for the one who earns bigger
Talkin shit tearing pictures burning all bridges
Got the nerve to beg for help she through herself in the River
And if you need a Lifeline I’m only saving my wealth
I intercepted all the messages you sending in stealth
Bouncing brain waves just to tell you how I Felt
Tips for the paper had u bloody on the running
Sharp pains when im blunted seeing thru facades and frontin
Fake smiles handshakes and huggin


Some people blind to the ways walking with a White Cane
Everyone I nose dripping eyes behind shades
Let ya dog lead you thru the night to the light of day
He’s into sniffin too
A strong sense of smell for the stench of the loot
And always lookin for more
Would sell ya Soul on 12 inch to get a Foot in the door
My style is done well no need for cooking the raw
I serve emcees by the course and now u looking for Salt
I’m melting all Ices watch the Sluggish dissolve
In the Streets / release ya El-P from a Cage
For setting Sparxxx to the Hay
Yo I’m honest as Abe
Pacin 8 Miles through the snow to give you some change
And that includes my two cents so don’t be actin stupid
Just brace ya self and get ready for the Movement
Oh its my Fault just call it New Madrid
I’m Time shakin out the Lou again

Track Name: Rough Draft feat Hamiez (produced by D.J. B. Original)
You cannot Run You cannot Hide
You have to Die heres your Rough Draft
You cannot Run You cannot Hide
You have to Die Your time is coming x 2

I came to spark change with a smart phrase
Deep as Mark Twain dump the cargo to save these passengers
Lecture like the man from Hannibal
Body of my paragraph will poison all these cannibals
Compositions tight for skin calipers
In a pinch best bet to do the algebra
Vest protect ya chest from them X-Calibers
Aint no question bout ya status as an amateur
You was chosen for the battle son “rough draft for ya”
Coming from a one legged decorated vet Pan handler
On the wrong side of the tracks who been marked for murder
Strawberry Bacardi only drink he would serve ya (RedRum)
Bars only tender when they start to burn ya
Signature style its like I think in cursive
If you wanna hate and call my pages Contra-Versal
Ask Reagan who gave these thangs to Persia?


The secret Agent blazing Orange forestry
Killin Clockwork goin crazy for a beat
Composing classic notes and speeches
Schooled in NORML teachings / Times of War and Peace
Destroy ya fleet off some Coral Reefer
Clouds form and storm ya Beaches like Normandy
The General Patent ya’ll pending war with me?
Want a lil practice ‘fore we meet?
Each morning getting slapped up hit the floor and bleed
Keep a backup gat with warranties when ya ass in foreign streets
Bring a double team if ya wanna court with me
Attorney heard its Treez tripled lawyers fee
Suggested a last will and testament
Don’t mess with ‘em / Change addresses quick
Ya can’t hold a candle to these fellas like
Citranella ‘gainst the Pestilence.. check the evidence


Salvation to ya Army with them 2nd hand flows
Time’s ticked off inhaling second hand smoke
You gotta lotta nerve gas watch ya ass choke
Thru an unmanned drone
3rd eye in the sky is glaring like ya parents
Ya never share ya spoils
Got to many toys and scaring all the world
We bringin pints of blood taking barrels of oil
Inspect all ya arms prepare em for ours
New Age Crusade for the Holy Land
Taking all ya home and land
Ya might as well been growing grass
Funding Mental Islamics that bought a Glock
For Saddam and Osama bin Laden
Cats in Washington some DC Comics
Wishin they was Superman or Batman & Robin
When you start talkin sense we might have shit in common
Until then keep ya bloody hand out my pocket

Track Name: Young Wise Man (produced by DJ Jay-E)
The nicest Wiseman droppin science on self reliance
Torches representing our life on this Island
Hybrid surviving in this climate
Like wild Dro thriving where the rices grow
So we livin in a higher zone
Ya’ll re-tire when we Firestoned
This requires flow / preach it til the choir “woahs”
Keep quiet might let you take a flyer home
A quarter in my brain dispenses common slang
laced with 6th senses / Ghost like willis
comp stay complexed by the gifted
light complexion / shines reflect in
blue shields still hide protection
would consider the day I die a blessing
dis with ease cuz my piss is high infected
they claim it gave me Mcgrady lazy 3rd eye
never lost direction
cause and effect of cost effective
release whats inside of me pen shakes violently
I need the red hair my dogs call me Irish Springer
Seems ya can only climb these walls as an Ivy Leaguer
Seen ya/ in a March threw a St. Ides to anoint ya Caeser
Yo you can take one for my team while we light this weed up
Take first hits cuz im a leader Plus a minus teacher
Snatch ya math that’s what im sweatin for
I got thugs switchin up they metaphors
“My gun busts like Jus does on cheddar balls”
Chums baitin in the mainstream
Old schoolin with that same lame team
From the down south ima warn ya now
Before I rip them treble hooks out the corner of ya mouth
Better praise the Lord more than Kurt Warners house
Why is 3000 Outkasted from they lil bar be cues
Where you in that little room from midnight to high noon
Symptoms from the venom in they mental
Shows they’ll come around like Lil Kim in need with hives
Treez and Haimez we supply
Scalpin beats and rhymes like the Braves and Indians
Keep a pound of purple haze for the blazin critics
2 dozen roses of nonsense for these bloomin idiots


Ya click tried to kick it with the Treez
No feeling in the limbs they call us gang-green
Over the counter-feit slangin brain seeds
Freestyles never Prescripted
Ya wak just be glad we listened
Pick of the litter adopted the highway
Splittin headaches goin against Migraine
Who blame the system?
Shit they tax us like the British and we still aint represented
Never understood how we livin
Callin me a Menace
Easy Riding with my friends like Dennis
Hopper knockin down Green Monster fences
Lookin primitive doorways new dimensions
When we Stoned off the Henges
Aimin low English makin ya back spin to listen
Stop actin like a bitch 2 more hits for flinchin
Step to a stage with blazed intentions
A crazy henchman
With pens that populate lines quick’n
I need a Page Extension
Beyond ya Margin past red lines
To rev the hardest kid
Kept you on my joints like Cartilage
Clinton pardoned it
One of the smartest with words in shit
In high school Won the most erbed out superlative
Take out any rival verbalist in any tournament
Im hazardous to ya A&R offering them cabbage and carrots
Compositions to phat for ya skin calipers
Take advantage of a white rapper
Now everybody wanna Poly with a Cracker